MS Treatment by Marijuana

The unpredictable disease The first diagnosis can come as early as 15 years of age and as late as 50. It can start with numbness of the hands and feet, bladder problems, fatigue and abnormal sensations. By the time it’s finished, it can leave its victims paralyzed, blind and in excruciating pain.

Multiple sclerosis It’s multiple sclerosis and it affects 2.3 million people around the world, shutting the door on their dreams, aspirations and physical and cognitive abilities.

Now, thanks to the American Academy of Neurology, the door to a better quality of life for people living with MS might be starting to crack open.

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Government Funding on Marijuana

Finally, it looks like the federal government is starting to come around. After wasting decades and blowing billions trying to prove how dangerous marijuana is to the American people, the federal government has taken a new course.

This past March, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it would allow researchers studying the positive effects of marijuana to reach into the government’s well-protected, federally funded stash.

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Marijuana_Health Day

There is considerable stigma attached to marijuana as a medical or therapeutic treatment, despite the fact that a large number of states in the U.S. have now decriminalized it for medical use. With World Health Day fast approaching (on April 7th), perhaps it’s time to know more about medical marijuana and the benefits it can provide.

Here are 10 “truths” about marijuana that clearly demonstrate its effectiveness, safety and potential for beneficial treatment for people suffering from certain medical conditions:

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Marijuana is Safe for Kids

Less than a decade ago, marijuana still carried the stigma of being an illegal substance that contributed to delinquency rates in youth, lethargic apathy in adults and a fierce bout of the munchies for users of any age. As states slowly began decriminalizing use of marijuana for medical purposes and it gained ground as a more legitimate treatment for a variety of illnesses and conditions, the natural progression of prescribing marijuana as an alternative also raised the question of whether or not it should be prescribed for children.

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Marijuana Cultivation

Colorado legalized marijuana on January 1, 2014. During the first week of legalization, the state served thousands of customers, pulling in over $5 million in taxed and regulated sales. These booming sales have left marijuana salesmen scrambling to find ample warehouse space for growing their product. Not all Colorado municipalities allow marijuana farming. It means that areas where it is allowed are tight on suitable space, particularly Denver.

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Marijuana is Good for Cancer Patients

It’s quite difficult for us to deny the role played by medical marijuana in our daily lives. Those who have previously used it for pain management can confirm that medical marijuana truly works. It’s known to help in relieving a range of illnesses such as AIDS, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma and many others.

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Medical Marijuana Cultivation Guidelines

The legalization of medical marijuana is not something that is acceptable by some residence in the state of California. They complain that even the sight or smell of the plants is offensive to them. And there have been incidents where anti-marijuana proponents have vandalized and damaged the plants.

While certain steps can be taken to help secure plants, such as greenhouses. It is only following the rules and regulation for growth that can help you in the event that something happens to your plants.

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Reasons for Popularity of Weed in California

Weed is not legal in California. However, many people prefer the weed scene there over any other state, including Colorado, where pot sales are legal, and Washington, where pot sales will be legal sometime in the spring of 2014. People may not need medical cards to get their weed in these states, but there are a number of reasons that most weed smokers would still rather be in California.

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Recreational Use Of Marijuana

Following the success in both Colorado and Washington, Alaska has decided it was time to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The use of medical marijuana has been legal for over 15 years. Many feel now is the right time to try to regulate and tax a drug that is already within the state’s borders. The main argument is that the drug is already present in unknown quantities. By making it legal, the state will have the ability to control the movement of the drug.

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Medical marijuana is starting to gain attention around the country as Colorado becomes the first state to legalize it for recreational use. It’s opening the door more for the state to experiment with its medical uses. About 100 families from other states have migrated to Colorado specifically for marijuana treatment. One mother named Heather Jackson reported that the treatment has helped stop her son Zaki from having constant seizures.

Medical marijuana is starting to gain attention around the country as Colorado becomes the first state to legalize it for recreational use. It’s opening the door more for the state to experiment with its...Continue reading