Medical marijuana is a topic that you’re most likely familiar with, or at least hearing the news stories and battle over legalization that’s still raging in many parts of the country. If you’re like many people, you maybe even know somebody who uses medical marijuana or use it yourself.

However, what you’re not likely to hear about on the news is things like how recreational marijuana sales actually work in real life. After all, it is a business, and it’s subject to the same economic rules that other medical businesses are subject to.

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Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana usage is relatively common in the state of California, and medical marijuana in Orange County is no different. After all, many studies have shown that medical marijuana is effective and those patients with a variety of conditions from cancer to chronic pain to HIV can benefit from using marijuana on a prescription basis.

However, even if you obtain a prescription from a doctor, you can’t just go down to the pharmacy where you might pick up your other medication and purchase marijuana. It’s tightly controlled and dispensed only by licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

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Medical-Marijuana in Santa Ana

For the future of medical marijuana Santa Ana, voters have some choices to make in the November 2014 election. Two pot initiatives will be appearing on the ballot: one from the City Council and one drafted by pro-dispensary collectives. If both initiatives pass, the one with the majority votes will become the new law. The following information summarizes the differences between the two initiatives.

City Council Dispensary Regulations

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Medical Marijuana Usage

Medical marijuana is a heavily debated topic in the modern world, with many countries debating on its legalization. However, the White House and federal government are maintaining that marijuana use, even for medicinal purposes, is still a punishable offense, even if they don’t commonly prosecute individual users.

Still, the White House is holding on to in its belief that medical marijuana use should not be completely legal. That doesn’t mean the debate is quite as simple as it sounds. Keep reading to learn more about why the White House may not be as staunchly anti-marijuana as you might think, despite the fact that they keep repeating that medical marijuana should not be l...Continue reading

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is still not legal in the majority of the United States unless you have special permission. For this reason, a medical doctor is limited on what he or she can legally tell you in regards to this subject. If he steps over the lines, he risks losing not only his practice, but also his license and possibly his freedom.

Qualifying If you have qualified to receive medical marijuana and received a 420 card, your doctor can write you a letter saying you are legally able to obtain it. However, she is not allowed to tell you where you can purchase the marijuana. While prescribing it once approved is legal, buying and selling it is not.

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One of main arguments from prohibitionists regarding medical marijuana is that legalization will lead to a correlation of children having more access to the drug. But so far, research by major universities and government agencies have proven the hypothesis wrong. A recent study published in July 2014 by the non-partisan National Bureau of Economic Research of Cambridge, Massachusetts found no increase in teen cannabis use in the 16 states that had legalized cannabis from 1993 through 2011. Since that time six more states and the nation’s capital have legalized medical marijuana.

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Santa Ana, California is currently facing two different ballot measures that were designed to regulate inflow of medical marijuana.

One measure was proposed by the City Council while the other was adopted by marijuana collectives. Luckily, though each measure will provide medical marijuana patients a safe solution for buying the medicine.

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Pruning Marijuana Plants

Any plant will grow bigger and produce a larger yield of fruit if it is pruned properly. Marijuana plants are no different.

With medicinal marijuana, the object is to grow the most potent buds in the least amount of space. Pruning will help to accomplish this goal.

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Marijuana has been around for a very long time but in recent years, it has become a very hot topic. While the drug is still illegal on the federal level, many states have made it legal for medical use while some states, like Colorado, have actually taken steps to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use.

However, there is still quite a bit about marijuana that the general public doesn’t know, even if they have used it one or more times in their lives. Below, you’ll find seven amazing facts about marijuana that may surprise you and give you some insight into the talk about medicinal and recreational use of the drug.

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Women in Marijuana industry

For many years, the marijuana industry has been largely male dominated. However, women have recently begun to gain substantial traction. From business owners to bloggers to doctors, there are quite a few women making notable contributions to the world of weed. Let’s take a look at some of them who are ahead in the league:

Diane Fornbacher – A Co-Vice Chair of the NORML Women’s Alliance and a prominent activist, Diane Fornbacher co-founded reading